proven recruiting process



Best Recruiting evaluates and selects candidates based on your requirements and candidate skill set, experience, past performance, job tenure and cultural fit. The following is Best Recruiting's recruiting process, which has been PROVEN to provide highly qualified Sales, Marketing, IT and Operations candidates since we started our firm on January 1, 2010:

  • We listen carefully to your requirements.
  • We perform a salary survey for your  job and share the results with you.
  • We identify candidates from our extensive Internal National Database of over 120,000 candidates, external databases, our National Recruiting Network, and job ads at our expense.
  • We screen hundreds of candidate resumes and applications for every job.
  • We interview candidates who pass our screen and ask them probing questions based on the above criteria.
  • We prepare detailed Referral Presentations for candidates who we refer including three years sales performance vs. quotas for sales candidates.